Photos from the flooding of October, 2009

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We are working on ideas regarding how to store all this water for future use!

All tee boxes, fairways, and greens endured heavy moisture, but two days later, many holes were playable. Members and guests just replayed holes to make their 9- or 18-hole rounds.

These flooding pics are about how the course looked in June, 2004, right after Rocky bought The Summit and changed the name to Eagle Rock. We've had  few other floods like this, but most Ellis County residents are saying this October, 2009 rain has been the most seen in years.

Photos by Lee Gabor


View telephoto from #18 cart path toward #12


View from cart deck toward #12 and #17 green


From cart after crossing spillway by #1, view is toward Grove Creek


More of view toward the creek, #17 green can be seen above the water to the right.


Telephoto - #11 Green can be seen in the distance above the water; all around is inundated


#11 green again - far distance


From #18 cart path toward #12


From the cart deck by the clubhouse toward #1 Tee box and Grove Creek


From the clubhouse deck toward I-45 and the pecan grove; in the distance and adjacent to the I-45 frontage road, most of #10 fairway and #10 green is above water; #11 tee box is above water, but #11 fairway is under. Fortunately, water drains off the putting practice green in the foreground and fills the pond on the other side of the putting green; that pond lies between #18 fairway and #18 green (you can't see #18 from this view, since the putting green is more elevated)


This is a telephoto of #10 green. The rushes in the foreground are next to the pond between #18 fairway and #18 green.


Taken from the spillway for the main pond with pump house; the flag is on #1 green


View is toward Grove Creek and #17 green in the distance


This is toward #12 green and Grove Creek


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