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The Eagle

photo from the Internet of a relative of our Eagle

Yes, there is a large bald-headed eagle at Eagle Rock. We call it EE for "Elusive Eagle," because it is rarely seen. One of these days, we will get a photograph of the beautiful bird, but through today, December 30, 2009, we've missed pics, often by just minutes. And, through 2013, we never snapped a photo.

In early September of 2009, Rocky was working on Green #7 and called the clubhouse to say EE was overhead and seemed almost as long as a human. Some of us jumped on carts and rushed with cameras to #7, but by the time we arrived there, EE had flown over the trees toward Farm Road 879.

In the Spring of 2009, Lee had driven 813, east of I-45, up Sugar Ridge and around to where 813 joins Sugar Ridge  Road and 879 (the "Garrett Road"). Turning back toward I-45 on 879, near the underground home, Lee spotted EE on the top of a tree, sitting in a stately pose, as though he owned all the land within his view. Unfortunately, Lee didn't have her camera and missed the shot.

Days later, at a meeting of the Palmer Economic Development Committee, Lee confirmed with member Jack Witt that EE likes Farm Road 879. Mr. Witt stated he and his family members have seen the eagle often.

The State of Texas also has confirmed we have at least one bald-headed eagle (and maybe more) in our county and various residents have reported seeing an eagle from time to time.

Patience is a virtue and we are determined to some day post a photo of EE on this page! Please keep checking back! If you've seen the eagle at the golf course, please let us know by emailing 


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